LAEDS Homestage / Release Party


21/02/2019 @ 21:00

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a band founded in January 2013 in the valleys of South Tyrol by three musician brothers who realized they had never layed together before.
Two friends joined the formation in the following years, together they began to write songs.

Upload-contest finalists in 2013
Upload award for best south-tyrolean band in 2015

A studio and a live album then followed and now they are ready for the next step: HOMESTAGE, a concept album of the finest progressive rock.

Tonight at Sudwerk it’s the release party, let’s celebrate.

The band members are:

Emanuele „Ema“ Colombi – Lead voacals, guitar
Gabriele „Gege“ Munini – E-Bass, Double bass
Raffaele „Raferio“ Barberio – Lead guitar
Damiano „Dam“ Colombi – Violin, Keys, Vocals
Lorenzo „Lollo“ Colombi – Drums, cajon, vocals

Entry 10€
h. 21.00