The Embrooks + The Peggy Germs


13/04/2017 @ 20:00

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Formed at the tail end of 1996, The Embrooks (Alessandro Cozzi-Lepri—guitar, vocals; Mole—bass, vocals; Lois Tozer—drums) were initially influenced by the moody, minor key mid-’60s US garage common to the New England area, and made an LP (“Separations”, Dig The Fuzz 1999, reissued Dionysus 2000) and 2 singles (“But I Didn’t Know Him”, Dig The Fuzz 1998 and “The Embrooks” EP, Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1998) in that style.
They quickly changed course towards the more aggressive sounds coming out of the UK and Europe in that same mid-’60s period, a transitional style which came to known as freakbeat. Here, the band found their true calling, and delivered 2 killer singles (“If You Let Me Go”, Max Picou and “More Than Ever”, Guerssen, both 1999) and their highest profile LP, “Our New Day” for legendary California label Bomp’s Voxx imprint (2000). Numerous tours through the UK and Europe were undertaken, and they even found time to cross the pond into the US and Canada on a number of occasions, and appearing at such legendary events as the Wild Weekend, Las Vegas Grind, Cavestomp, Purple Weekend and many more besides. The follow-up LP, “Yellow Glass Perspections” (Munster, 2004) saw the band incorporating more psychedelic elements to their sound, but still very much rooted in the aggressive Mod-Rock that had served them well.
As external commitments became ever more time-consuming, the band amicably parted in mid-2005, but now they’re back!! Strong as ever, a little wider round the waist and greyer around the gills (the ‘Expanding Waistline Inevitable’ as a friend was kind enough to point out!), but ready to knock your socks off with their brand new single, “Nightmare” b/w “Helen” (State Records THS—026).
PEGGY GERMS è una band bolzanina che fa garage (punk) rock, lo fa con entusiasmo viscerale, con devozione, con un’attitudine e una passione davvero poco convenzionali. Possiamo affermare che il Rock Garage è già di per sè una musica esplosiva! Loro però, hanno sicuramente quel qualcosa in più rispetto a tante altre band, soprattutto quando li senti dal vivo! Attivi da quasi 10 anni hanno avuto modo di esibirsi sia da noi che oltreconfine, suonando addirittura con i Fuzztones in un memorabile concerto bolzanino di qualche anno fa.
Hanno recentemente pubblicato un album straordinario, un concentrato adrenalinico di 50 anni di storia del garage rock a stelle e strisce.
Come scrive nella recensione dell’album Giuseppe Dolzani:
„Grande album, davvero una gradevole sorpresa.
Supportati da un songwriting di eccellente livello e dalla grande performance vocale di Mr. Alex, i Peggy Germs mi ricordano i grandi Lust-O-Rama, ma attingono a piene mani anche dai primissimi Cynics e dai Lyres. In „Down on your knees“, ricca di pathos e tastiere crepuscolari, evocano i fantasmi della mitica „I’m the living sickness“ (The Calico Wall – 1967).“
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